Successful Natural Erection Enhancement


Natural erection enhancement is at the peak of its popularity. In the year 2010 alone, thousands of dollars have been spent by men on trying to gain length, and women purchasing in hopes their man can please them better. The reasons are simple. Not only is it an issue of confidence for guys, it is also about the conquest. Every man alive wants to be the best sexual partner his woman has ever had.

Studies consistently show that women prefer men with longer penises. In fact, statistics hover around 72%, or 3 out of 4 women, desiring this. But these surveys taken from Cosmopolitan and Men’s Health Customer Journal are just the tip of the iceberg. More questions come to the forefront. Is male enhancement even possible? What does it involve?

How Natural Male Enhancement Works

One thing most doctors can finally agree on is that libido lengthening can work. There are factors that make this possible. First is the addition of natural ingredients in penis pills. Natural ingredients are crucial because they allow the full relaxation of the penile tissue. This relaxation is of paramount importance because it causes expansion. More blood in the penis means a harder erection.

Over time the penile tissue expands, which is when inches in length are gained. Some important ingredients to look for in penis pills are zinc, taj, L-Dopa, and solidilin. These are all excellent at positively influencing penile tissue. Prosolution Pills is one of the supplements to use these to their clients’ benefit.

Avoid Jelqing and Weights

Natural erection enhancement should avoid techniques like jelqing or any form of weight use. For one thing, it is entirely unnatural, and two it can be very painful. Learn more at If the right penis pills are found, like the one mentioned above, the results are entirely natural. In fact, some pills are like vitamins, affecting the penis like other pills might affect your heart rate, blood pressure, and so on.

Jelqing is genuinely frowned upon by the sexual health experts for not just the length of time it takes to see results. The process itself is very painful and most do not recommend it because decreased sensitivity in the penis is inevitable. It can also cause scarring and nerve damage.

Mixed with a healthy diet, doctor recommended supplements like Vigrx Plus can add length in a matter of weeks. The results become more profound over time because there is a giant increase in testosterone production. In short, the body becomes aware of the changes and adapts to add length by expanding the penile tissue.

Penis Pumps

Nerve damage is also a detractor in regards to penis pumps. The penile tissue can be affected positively, as said previously with things like oil, but pumps place too much pressure. The result of this pressure is bursting capillaries in the libido, which is just as uncomfortable as it sounds.

What Do Doctors Recommend?

Penis enlargement oil is just one of several solutions to male enhancement needs. But where does it stack up to its closest competitors? Jelqing is one of the alternatives. Libido pumps are another. Even penis pills have come to the forefront of science to lend their hand to the cause. Doctors and physicians worldwide have studied all of the choices and narrowed their field down based on benefits and detractions.

What did they find?

Penis enlargement oil ranked at the top of their list for a variety of reasons. Libido oil is placed on the shaft and advantageously affects the penile tissue by relaxing the three caverns within. These caverns widening allows more blood flow, which in turn causes a firmer erection. Over time, these erections become so consistent that a longer penis is inevitable. Scientists give high reviews to the oil because there are little to no side effects. In fact, VigRx oil, one of the products on the market, sells so well for this very reason.

Penis pills rank second highest according to Men’s Health Customer Journal, but only those that use natural ingredients. Generally, it is easier to find penis enlargement oil that works as opposed to pills that do not use artificial ingredients.

They are certainly available but require a little more research. Overall libido oil is easy to apply, is doctor recommended, and has a plethora of positive testimonials in its favor. The most important thing to do is just check the ingredients and side effects.



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