SizeGenetics Review


SizeGenetics, another great brand of penis extenders is the 2nd best penis extender out there. One of the few medically endorsed devices on the market, SizeGenetics have developed a very safe and effective method of male enlargement that can easily help you gain those few extra inches.

This device supplies the penis with a steady and constant traction to slowly stretch and straighten the penis. With a larger, harder and stronger penis you will be able to feel more comfortable in any bedroom!

What You Get

  • Medical Type 1 Device
  • Comfort Strap Mechanism
  • Spare Parts
  • Discreet Case

SizeGenetics is an industry leader in penis extenders and male enhancement products. Their non-surgical penis extenders are even endorsed by surgeons worldwide. If you are suffering from a lack of confidence due to penis size, we offer a number of proven products to assist you. This includes SizeGenetic’s patented penis extender, which starts working the very same day you get it. Our penis extender is also equipped with a number of techniques to help you improve your confidence between the sheets.

Whether it’s penile curvature correction or ejaculation control,  a penis extender is designed to restore your confidence and help you grow much-needed inches. With over 16 years of extensive industry experience, we are endorsed by doctors all over the world. We are also one of the very few companies that have an authentic medical certificate, and the only company to offer an unsurpassed 16 Way Ultimate Comfort System.

How It Works

SizeGeneticsIt works by supplying a constant and steady traction along the Corpora Cavernosa. This is the area of the penis that holds blood during erections. As a result, the penis becomes larger, firmer, and bigger. In many ways, our unique device is closely associated with weightlifting.

As the muscles stretch and expand during workouts, they become bigger, stronger, and last longer. Similarly, traction expands the penis, while adding inches, girth, and much-needed length. For maximum results, simply attach the device to your penis, and watch it grow right before your eyes.

If you want to improve sexual performance, it can do the trick. As a medically-endorsed tool, it offers affordable penis stretchers and extenders for your convenience. Simply access their online store for easy ordering and shipping options. Life is too short, but your penis does not have to be!

If you are looking for more then just the device, you can upgrade to the Size Genetics System Package that, for an addition $40, comes with the SizeGenetics Travel Case, PenisHealth DVD and online access, Real Sex Real People online DVD, and online access to Lovecentria. Also, for an additional charge, you can extend your product warranty from 6 months to 24 months. Learn more at

How To Use SizeGenetics

All you’ve got to do is add your tension bars to the device after you receive it and you’re ready to put it on. From there, you simply slip on the harness and strap, securing it to your body. Once attached, you wear it as long as you feel comfortable wearing it. For a full overview of the process, X4 Labs has created a handy video that will show you step by step what needs to be done.

For guys that are tired of empty promises and lackluster results, a penis stretcher is definitely the way to go. Purchasing cheap penis pills online is always a gamble because you never really know what you’re going to get!

Most of the stretchers that you’ll find on the market today are highly affordable and there is medical evidence available that proves they work. It is true that some guys see very minimal results, but the average length seen in most studies is 2 inches of added length in the flaccid state and an inch while erect. That doesn’t seem like much until you actually see how awesome your penis looks with the extra size!

Some guys complain that stretching doesn’t correct a curvature either. The average reduction in curvature is about 20%, so it isn’t unreasonable to have a slight curve and not see much if any difference. There’s one thing that’s definite: it’s better to have an awesome penis with less of a curve than the one that is staring at people today.

Free Penis Enlargement Device

SizeGenetics is so confident that you will enjoy the penis extender that they are offering their penis extender completely free of charge. Basically, they are looking for your user testimonials as well as proof that you used their device appropriately.


SizeGenetics has developed one of the best penis enlargement systems out there. If you Sign up now you can easily get up to $390 back in your bank account.  The sizeGenetics is one of the best penis extenders and is definitely worth looking into and there is absolutely no excuse for not ordering it, especially with the chance to get all your money back! Learn more at

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