Research on Human Pheromones


In this article, I discuss the latest research on human pheromones.

Human Pheromones

Let’s discuss the synthetic (and more potent) versions of the original pheromone molecules. Organic chemist Clive Jennings-White led the research, publishing his findings in a paper titled “Perfumery and the Sixth Sense.” Jennings-White discovered that two substances extracted from human skin have significant effects on the VNO: estratetraenol and androstadienone.

As would be expected, the male VNO is highly sensitive to estratetraenol (the female pheromone), while the female VNO shows marked activity in the presence of androstadienone (the male pheromone).

Pheromone Perfume Ingredients

As part of his research, Jennings-White tested selected popular perfume ingredients to see if they would affect the human VNO. Using a miniprobe designed to reach the opening of the VNO, Jennings-White was able to determine which perfume additives stimulated it and which left it cold. The scientist puffed J. civetone and muscone into the VNOs of volunteers; the organ did not respond to either substance.

However, when the human pheromones estratetraenol and androstadienone were delivered, the VNO reacted in a display of physiological activity. The results of Jennings—White’s experiment do not necessarily mean the end 3 of the line for civetone and muscone, as these substances do, stimulate high levels of activity in human olfactory cells and are thus effective activators of the sense of smell.

Jennings-White’s’ tests also revealed that pig pheromones, which are popular perfume additives, “show no significant activity in the human VNO.” One of the challenges of creating a pheromone-based per pheromone-to-fragrance ratios, citing trade-secret reasons.

Jennings-White also analyzed the ingredients of a number of other popular perfumes and colognes now on the market. Lyd’ a perfume for women, features a potent concentration of pig androstenol. Lydia’s androstenol is present in concentrations five hundred times that of the androstadienone pheromone in Realm perfume.

Pheromone Contradictions

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Pheromone Tests

The leading Jennings-White to surmise that “it is not possible to compensate for a substance being inherently inactive in the human VNO by increasing the concentration.” Jovan’s Musk 2 also features pig androstenol as a key ingredient.

“Only products which contain human pheromones are active in the human VNO, and there is an excellent correlation between the nature of the components and the activity of the finished products,” Jennings-White writes. He concludes, “We are approaching a radical shift in the concept of perfumery. Henceforth, the design of a perfume should take into account stimulation of the long-neglected sixth sense, the vomeronasal system.”

Synthetic Pheromones

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