Pheromone Perfume Buyer’s Guide

Pheromone Perfume

What if you could attract more men just by wearing a unique type of perfume? This is what pheromone cologne is supposed to make happen for you. But how does it work? How do you choose a quality one?

Understand that pheromones really do work. Not only can they make you attractive to others, but they also boost confidence, trustworthiness, femininity and so much more.

However, this doesn’t mean they are magical. You must practice using them. Basically, if you learn how to you them, you can change from a shy hermit crab to a party girl. Use them and gain advantages in both your personal and professional life.

What are Pheromones

Pheromones are chemical substances emitted by insects, humans and animals. When secreted, they trigger reactions from other insects, animals or humans. For instance, when animals sense danger, they release pheromones to alert others. This tells other animals in the species to run way and get to safety.

So, why is this type of substance found in pheromone colognes for women? Women wear perfume to smell good, but many times you may have an ulterior motive as well. Maybe there’s someone special you want to meet. Or maybe you want to be noticed by more people. What if you could wear a perfume that helped you to achieve these things? But understand pheromones are also sexual. When you wear them, you’re advertising that you want to mate.

How to Choose Pheromone Perfumes for Women

The most important thing is to purchase from a reputable store. Research various colognes and read online reviews. See if other women are happy using your chosen product. Obviously, there will be negative reviews mixed in with the positive ones. Not all pheromones work for all people. However, if there are positive reviews, then maybe you’ll get the same results. Learn more at

Where to Purchase Pheromones

You’ve learned how to choose the best pheromones. Now its time to find them. Find reputable stores that sell quality pheromones. Do not buy from a store that doesn’t offer a money back guarantee. This is the best way to avoid falling for a scam.

Usually, men are more open to using pheromone products, but this has changed recently. Women are buying them too. Surprisingly, there are more pheromone products on the market for women. Why? Think about it. It makes sense, in a way.

The Mating Process

When it comes to the dating world, males are usually more aggressive than females. This is why pheromone products are made mostly for the male market. Women are usually subtle when they are looking for male companionship. But does this mean they aren’t on the prowl too? Yes, men are usually on the prowl, but this doesn’t mean women aren’t playing the same types of games as men.

So, what types of pheromone products are available for women? Do they exist? Yes, they do; however, they aren’t advertised as much as male products.

Pheromones for Women

If you want to get attention from men, use a pheromone cologne that contains copulins. This is a pheromone that is secreted naturally by women; however, most copulin perfumes contain synthesize pheromones.

How do copulins work? When men smell them, their testosterone levels rise by as much as 100-150 percent. They react immediately to copulins. Women are perceived to be more attractive when men sniff them via the nose. But then again, do men really need a reason to be attracted to women? Is it the perfume that gets them into the mood for sex?

Now you can purchase pheromones for women in both concentrate and fragrance form. Make sure you only use a little bit, and it’ll do the job. You don’t have to drench yourself in them according to

Applying Pheromones

Apply pheromones to your pulse points. These are places such as on the wrists, the back of the elbows, the neck and behind the knees. These are good places because blood vessels are active in these places, which makes the skin very warm. The perfume lasts longer when heat is involved. Also, the heat intensifies pheromones.

Another way to intensify pheromones is to apply an odorless moisturizer to the skin before spritzing your cologne. This is another way to make cologne last longer. In addition, it reactivates the pheromones during the day.


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