Penis extenders are very useful

Penis extenders are very useful. He mentioned that when he handed the sketch to the medical illustrator, the artist took one look and promptly fell off his chair. There is much more to the story, and the doctor goes into great detail about this patient in The Art of Auto Fellatio by Gary Griffin.

Another patient of the above doctor actually appeared in the National Enquirer—but not for his world-class phallus. This gentleman sported what is likely the world’s longest tongue. Indeed 8 physical aberration, the photo shows his tongue extending to his mid chest. This is incredible in itself, but what the tabloid didn’t mention is that his penis measured over 14″ (35 cm) in flaccid length. A VERY confidential photo in my personal collection verifies this equine penis. For the entire story, refer to The Horsemen’s Club.

In 1983, I became acquainted with a computer repairman named Dave who remains elusive and somewhat cloistered to avoid the parade of curiosity seekers who relentlessly follow him once they learn of his endowment status. A tall, slightly over- weight man in his late 40s, Dave sports an arm-sized uncircumcised donkey dick 15” x 8″ (38 x 20 cm) that can only be characterized on a TV show.

It must be seen to be believed. With a simple bend of the head. Dave is able to fellate himself. All of u 7’ underwear and trousers are custom-tailored to accommodate t sheer bulk of his monstrous appendage.

Several years ago while vacationing m the Mediterranean, I was told to look up a Turkish gentleman by a friend who had met 3 a few years previously. I wrote an introductory letter and mentioned that I was a researcher interested in the development of the ; extraordinarily-large male organ. Learn about the truth about penis pills.

I asked if we might meet over coffee so that I could ask a few questions. He welcomed my visit, A and after meeting briefly in a sidewalk bistro. retired to my hotel so that we could continue our highly personal conversation; Sporting a massive frame of 6’8″ at 275 Ibs., he was built like the Incredible Hulk and had a cock to match. A devout Muslim, he explained in fractured English that he had four wives. none of 9 whom could handle him sexually. When I asked him how large he was, he pulled down his white muslin trousers to reveal the most gargantuan specimen of manhood I had ever laid my eyes on. ‘ Hands trembling from incipient shock, I fumbled with my brief- case and withdrew a tape measure. His penis which he managed to bring to a state of erection, measured an unbelievable 14 1/4” “ (36 cm) in length! And yes, he was very proud of it. For the rest of ‘ the story, refer to The Horsemen’s Club by Gary Griffin.

Is there any correlation between race and penis size? Yes and no. Historians of the pre-Civil War South suggest that penis size was a great fear of the whites. Believing that black male slaves might possess penises greater in size than their own, the white masters often feared that once a white woman had experienced sex with a black man, she would never again be satisfied with a white one.

Are blacks really more favorably endowed than whites. or is this merely a mythical assumption that has been perpetuated through the generations? This explosive topic is pregnant with all sorts of sinister ramifications. A few anthropologists have studied this phenomenon but have been greeted with political and professional disdain. A coterie of renegade academicians has even sought to have a large penis.

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