How A Penis Extender Works

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With an increase in publicity, many people are taking notice to penis extenders, as a result, a number of individuals have begun to question if this is actually an untested and new product. But if we want to look at the actual techniques we can find they are part of an ancient tribal custom, part of spiritual practices and even a form of modern day tissue rebuilding used in some surgical patients. This idea has a long history over the span of centuries. The only thing that is actually new is the ability of the product in an effective and safe method designed for at home use. We’ll take a moment to look at the long history along with the idea behind it with and the dramatic results it can offer.


Many people have an understanding of how the extreme type of traction that has played a role in the African tribal and Amazonian tribes. These include their ear and lip discs along with neck ricks that are designed to help stretch the body to incredible sizes or length. Consider either the Discovery Channel or National Geographic. You probably have seen some of these enhancement devices on these people. Well these native people have used the same devices on their penis as well. They include the, Peruvian Cholomecs, Sadhus holy men of India and Papua Indians of New Guinea who hold rituals designed to get their penis up to 22 inches!

How A Penis Extender Works

In modern times, traction is what they medical community calls a calibrated and continuous pressure that has been applied to the body to help healing after burns, injury, surgery or trauma and it allows the body to regain stretching of tissues and to rebuild tissue and muscle naturally. Learn more at

There are mastectomy patients that take muscle from the chest just before reconstructive surgery. Penis enlargement patients who use this traction are looking for it to help to heal, straighten and even strengthen their penis, while a burn patient who creates their own skin will form grafts with the use of this and the tradition will help to enlarge the available amount of skin prior to their transplant.

When the body is stretched, it opens up spaces that are between the cells and helps to trigger both growth and healing in the human body by working with the adjacent cells that begin to divide and fill in the empty space. When it is used on a regular basis, this growth can be in the millions and these new cells can help to significantly add tissues and size to their area.

This is essentially how the concept of penis enlargement devices works. In this since well documented and popular device which was designed by a Urologist and crafted by a Denmark company, traction is applied with an adjustable set of calibrated bars all between a anatomically correct curve base the will fit the root of a penis comfortably.

There is then a surgical grade band that slips over the penis head and while the penis is growing it can have the traction and distance slightly adjusted. This product is known under the name of ProExtenderTM, and you have the ability to get this from either your doctor or online. There is also Andro Extender, known as Size Genetics, which is a top choice for extenders.

Clinically Tested

We find that Penis enlargement traction devices do actually work. With medical studies along with medical applications of these traction devices that show there is real and very permanent growth. This happens in both length and girth expanding in noticeable inches. These are of course not just a quick fix, but when used properly (and these directions you will find specific to the unit you end up choosing) over time the body will begin to build new tissue. Never trust an advertisement that claims “instant” gains or “miracle” overnight growth because they are not only very unsafe, but they can be unrealistic and unreliable as well. Learn more at

Any man interested in gaining size in his penis should keep his health and safety in mind above anything else. You should focus only one medical device that been medically corrected and to follow all instructions of the unit. Questions should be taken up with your doctor. The success of a traction device will depend on your dedication to the unit itself. With proper and consistent application you will find that a penis enlargement is possible for you. If you are still trying to decide between products both the ProExtenderTM and size genetics are excellent options.


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