Alter Ego Pheromone Review

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Pheromones are all around us in the natural world. They are emitted by insects, fish, mammals, and even humans. So, how do they play a role in our affinity for attraction and is it true that love is really in the air?

The Role of Pheromones

To answer this question we need to understand the role pheromones play in biology and how they relate to humans. You see, per definition, pheromones are chemical and molecular signals emitted by the body to elicit a specific response in the opposite sex which is more often than not a behavioral changed geared towards mating.

Since sex is always on the mind of men a huge pheromone-infused fragrance industry has blossomed. Pheromone colognes and perfumes have become big business and they can be seen advertised on the internet, major magazines, news stories, etc.

One of the problems that the pheromone bottling industry is dealing with is trying to find blends that work for both men and women but also have a high success rate. It sounds easy to do, but because everyone has different body chemistry, especially between men and women, the trick of getting blends just right is no easy task.

It’s because of this that many manufacturers have also attempted individual blends for men and women, such as Alter Ego for Men, which is made by Love Scent.


Alter Ego PheromonesLove Scent is a Colorado company that makes dozens of pheromone colognes and mixtures for both men and women. They have a very active forum and are very easy to get in touch with when you have a customer service issue. For this reason, I really like them as a whole.

However, while they have many products that are really good, they also have a few duds, which is why I wanted to take a closer look at Alter Ego for Men in order to see if it was a scam or a legit pheromone product.


What’s interesting about this product is that their information page is very sparse, and only mentions a few notes about the product:

  • It comes in a 7.5 ml bottle
  • It uses an eye dropper top for application
  • It contains cologne

Aside from this, I had to dig into Alter Ego reviews to learn the real truth about this product, which I thought was very strange.

Based on the label, it appears as though Alter Ego from men contains three pheromones: Androstenone, Androstenol, and Androsterone, which are three of the most well known and powerful pheromones used to attract women.

The fact that it comes in a dropper bottle is not a surprise, as many Love Scent products ship similarly, but considering the frequent complaints about using these bottles, I would prefer a pump spray bottle instead. Like other pheromone products, the best place to apply Alter Ego for Men is in the pulse areas, such as the wrist, neck, and behind the ears. Learn more at

User Feedback

Looking through the reviews on this product, it’s clear that people love it or hate it. For some, it works very well, even in small doses, while others complained that it was too strong and caused strange emotions in the women they encountered. This is probably due to improper use, as using too much can cause the opposite of the intended effect.

The fact that it contains Androstenone, Androstenol, and Androsterone means that it should work, the only issue being the smell, which I’ve read no complaints about. Overall, most people seem happy with their purchase of Alter Ego for Men according to


  • Not expensive
  • Powerful mixture
  • Enhanced with scent
  • Large bottle


  • Dropper top
  • Lack of product info

Final Rating

Overall all, considering it’s a Love Scent product, and that it’s priced right, I give Alter Ego for Men a rating of 3.5/5. It isn’t the best on the market, but it is one of the best, which makes it a winner in my book.


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